Are you considering hiring an aerial drone company for photography and videos? There are many benefits to choosing drones over helicopters.

Aerial Drone Photography is Affordable

The number one reason for choosing aerial drone photography over helicopter aerial photography is the cost. Using drones for aerial footage is much more affordable because you don’t have to pay for gas or a helicopter pilot.

You also don’t have to consider the use of a helipad or the cost of helicopter gas to travel to the location from the helipad. A drone can simply be put in a vehicle and driven to the location of choice. And, let’s face it, car gas is MUCH cheaper that helicopter gas.

Drones Are Quieter

Have you seen people in a movie get close to a helicopter and they can’t hear so they’re yelling, and hair and hats are flying about? With drones, you don’t have that problem. Especially when you are using drones for real estate photography, the neighbors will definitely appreciate the lack of nuisances caused by a helicopter. Aerial photography for weddings and special events is also a popular choice. No bride or guests want their hair looking like they just walked through a tornado!

Aerial Drones Are Smaller

Where a helicopter can get the high aerial views, sometimes they can’t get low, too close to objects or buildings, or fit in spaces that a drone can. Drones can allow for a wider range of footage and perspectives.

If you are looking for an aerial photographer in Los Angeles or anywhere else in southern California, contact us to experience all of the benefits listed above!